Hunter Werribee

The building: 

Hunter Werribee is a 12-storey building. It’s primarily a Holiday Inn hotel with several levels of tenanted office space and five levels of car parking with retail around the ground floor. 

The project: 

21 Celsius designed and installed mechanical services and HVAC for the builder, Epicon Group. The system installed was a full mechanical services system, incorporating:

  • ventilation to car parks
  • fresh air or outside air for office space and hotel
  • climate control through the use of VRF air conditioning systems 
  • stair pressurisation systems for safe egress in a fire event
  • BMS installation integrating with the hotel and office areas.

The challenge: 

Before installation, we priced the project based on a design from a consultant. In this case, the budget was much higher than was allowable for this project. 

The outcome: 

We saved some $2 million by changing some equipment and redesigning the system, bringing the project back within budget. Despite scheduling challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a complete system is now operating, meeting all client and safety requirements.

21 Celsius - Werribee Project from ONIX PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Project image
Hunter Werribee