Maintenance agreements for electrical & HVAC systems

MaintenancePrevention for your peace of mind

We encourage our industrial and commercial clients to implement scheduled maintenance agreements. By taking preventative action, you can trust that your electrical and HVAC systems will be maintained to the highest industry standards.
Who we work with:

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Aged care
  • Hotels

Maintenance contracts include:

  Systematic inspection

Preventative maintenance helps maintain equipment at specified performance levels to avoid a breakdown. Systematic inspection identifies components that require repair and maintenance to prevent failure, ensuring conditioned air is fresh and clean.

  Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance tasks include inspection, thorough cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and replacement of filters, pulleys, belts and bearings. Regular maintenance ensures your system runs safely, helps reduce breakdowns and improves the overall efficiency of your systems. If we find issues while servicing your system, we’ll let you know right away.

  Peace of mind

You’ll be kept fully informed of impending faults in advance and opportunities to improve efficiency and lower your operating costs. Your systems will operate smoothly under our care.

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